Paint Starter Pack

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Our Frenchic Paint Starter Pack includes all the essentials to ensure your home improvements are as fun as possible!


Frenchic Sugar Soap x 1

Frenchic Sugar Soap is specially formulated to clean and prepare all surfaces prior to painting.

Add approximately 1 part sugar soap to 4 parts warm water. Apply liberally using a sponge or absorbent cloth. Work from the bottom of the surface to the top to avoid run lines. Rinse with fresh water and allow to dry completely. Household Cleaning: Add approximately 1 part sugar soap to 10 parts warm water. Soak sponge or absorbent cloth in the solution and wring out so it does not drip. Wipe surface vigorously. Rinse with clean cold water.

Frenchic oval brush - medium x 1

Our Italian handcrafted oval brushes are made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio. This allows our brushes to absorb plenty of paint yet maintaining a brilliant shape, use after use after use. We know you'll enjoy using them as much as we do!

Frenchic flat brush - 30mm x 1

Frenchic’s Flat Brushes are made of quality synthetic fibre producing a smooth and even finish with minimal brush marks. Vegan friendly.

Frenchic Finishing Coat x 1

Frenchic Finishing Coat is made without any chemical solvent from non-poisonous materials, in an ecologically beneficial way, preventing water pollution. Thanks to its composition, it is virtually innocuous for people and the environment.

It is ideal for protecting your furniture and for those areas that come into contact with water splash i.e. bathrooms and kitchens. (Also for use with FrenSheen) It comes in a 500ml bottle.

Foam Sanding Block With Angled Sides  x1 

Rhomboid shaped foam sanding block, ideal for both flat and contour sanding and getting into restricted corners
All side are 120 grit for fine sanding
Can be used wet or dry
Long lasting and washable
Made in England
100 x 75 x 26mm

No nonsense roller and tray x 1

Introducing our foam roller kit ideal to add to your painting accessories collection.

- 4" roller tray

- 4" roller frame

- Gloss sleeve

It contains everything you need for applying paint to a smooth surface.

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